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A History of Excellence

Our company was founded in the early 1930s as Long Island Kalamein

Door Company. One of the early distributors of fireproof doors, the

company was part of the original association that tested and labeled doors for

New York City law compliance. Long Island Kalamein Door Company

was among the first developers of the fireproof door, a revolutionary product

that originated in the New York City area.


Long Island Fireproof/LIF Industries Management Team

The company took on its current identity in 1966, when carpentry contractors

and brothers Vincent and Joseph Gallo purchased it and changed the name

to Long Island Fireproof Door. At that time, the company had few

employees and its annual sales totaled $75,000. The Gallo brothers nurtured

the company and expanded its offering in key areas. In the late 1980s, they

formed a sister company, LI F Industries, to manufacture hollow metal

doors, which had evolved from the original Kalamein door.

Throughout our evolution, we have committed to exceptionally service the

changing needs of owners and builders, as well as construction and design

communities abroad. Moving forward, we continue to seek opportunities,

which will add value, benefit, and superior service to the global construction

community and its end users.

Today, Long Island Fireproof Door has 250 employees, 225,000 square

feet of space in multiple locations, and boasts more than $50 million in annual

sales. An experienced organization with a high service standard and a track

record for innovation in the industry, the company will continue to grow and

expand as customer expectations are consistently exceeded.